From the Edge...

... of the Blueberry Field, Carpinteria.

Day two of the painting workshop with John Budicin earlier this month found our group in the Carpinteria Valley. We had plans of spending the morning painting at a farm, but John had different plans as we approached the entrance of the property. Like him, I was taken with the view from the side of the road. We asked "Kay", if we could set up in her driveway. Not only did she agree, she also regaled us with stories of her life, growing up the area before development impacted Carpinteria and Rincon. She even brought out some of her own oil paintings that she created decades ago.

The field across the road yields blueberries.  We arrived as the pickers were wrapping up their morning break. They were singing and laughing as they moved into the fields to pick. It was a  timeless scene that was beautiful in so many ways. I felt as if I was in a setting not unlike Van Gogh's, only happier.

I was very entertained by one of the workers who's job seemed to be shooing the birds from the field. He walked back and forth in the fields whistling and clapping all morning long. I am intrigued that this charming method delivers the best ROI. I'd like to see the data.

Berry Field, Fall. 9" x 12" oil on board