Malibu Memories

Malibu Magic Moment, 9 x 12

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. A Valley Girl. When I was a kiddo my parents would gather my brother and I up in the station wagon and head through Malibu Canyon to the beach. Nearly through the canyon, it was with great anticipation that we got our first peek of the ocean. Was it foggy or clear! Oh, how overjoyed I would be if I could see the clear blue sky. I have decades of memories of epic sunny beach days from Santa Monica - Station 8! - to Zuma Beach.
Years later, my high school friends and I would pile in a car and head to Zuma ( hey BC's!). Those days were bitchen. We use to say bitchen, not awesome.
When I was in college at Cal State Northridge, I would go to Malibu alone to read, study, and photograph. I found the late afternoons to be particularly moving. The long shadows and warm late-afternoon light always lured me to stop the car and watch transformation from day to evening. This was long before I learned to paint. I was simply seduced by the transformation.
It was with great joy that I had the opportunity to return recently to my old stomping grounds and paint the late afternoon at the Malibu Lagoon. There is now a lovely path through the creek area affording this great view looking Southeast towards Santa Monica.
I'll be back.