Serendipitous Surf Story

Get on down to the Faulkner Gallery before the end of March for the Surfrider Foundation Benefit show by SCAPE. I've got a painting hanging in this fun show. More importantly, I encourage you to see two gorgeous paintings created by my friend John Rindlaub. His works, "Christy's Beach" and "Twilight at Hendry's Beach" have won three awards between them. That is crazy great! Congratulations, John.
At the show John saw my painting, "Barns With A View", and thought the scene was familiar. So he checked out his photo archives and discovered that knew the scene and -- this is the serendipitous part -- he took this snapshot while driving (don't tattle on him) and caught ME the day I was painting. What are the chances that he would take a picture of me painting this scene last summer, and the resulting piece hanging alongside his award-winning pieces in the Surfrider Foundation Benefit show?

Barns With A View, 12 x 16, oil, $950
Can you see me in the shadows?