Resolute. Why I love these trees...

Resolute, 14 x 11, oil on board, available at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum Art Walk Sept 28 - 30

Five reasons why I love these trees:
1. They survived the Tea Fire
2. They are located at the site where I painted outdoors for the very first time several years ago
3. I walk by them with my good friend, Fer, on Saturday mornings when we aren't too tired to exercise (ok, we hardly ever walk on Saturday mornings, but we think about it a lot)
4. They catch the afternoon light just right
5. The are the subject of this painting which is on view this weekend at the ArtWalk, Natural History Museum

The ArtWalk is a great opportunity to see some 
amazing art, and enjoy nature, live music, food, and wine. 
See you there!

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