Mighty Small

Beginning this week, I will have several small paintings featured at the Good Cup. Last month I set out to create this series of paintings for my mini-mini-show. I wasn't sure where my inspiration would take me; and the adventure continues!
Here is the first of the series, Predawn Nocturne. I painted this during the December full moon, set up on the Goleta Pier at an absurdly early hour before the moon set and the sun came up. I did complete another painting prior to this one. More on that later.
I didn't anticipate how freaking cold it would be. The painterly quality is more likely due to the near frozen and uncontrollable condition of my hands than anything intentional.
It was beautiful out there! I'd do it again. But I might wait until springtime.

Predawn Nocturne
5 x 7 inches, oil

Stop by and see the Mini Art Show, and grab a latte.
Good Cup, 918 State Street (next to the Fiesta Movie Theater, formally Cafe Zoma)